Top Secret Airport Tips Senior Travelers Always Wish They Knew Earlier

Top Secret Airport Tips Senior Travelers Always Wish They Knew Earlier

There is no denying that retirement and old age means more time for doing things like traveling. Unfortunately, flying usually seems to become more difficult with age. Here are some airports secrets that can help seniors fly hassle-free and enjoy their time at the airport and in the plane.

  1. Senior fares

Many airports do offer discount fares for senior travelers. This is one secret that most seniors don’t know because the discounts are rarely advertised. Now that you know this secret, you should make sure that you ask about it during your next travel. Senior fares not only save cash, but they may also come with better ticket flexibility. Be sure to contact your airline and ask whether they are offering any travel discount for seniors and to your destination.

  • Travel safe and smart

There are so many unexpected things that might go wrong at airports. For this reason, it is very important that you take all the precautions for a great experience. For instance, to avoid any unseen happening at airports, book a non-stop flight. This will help escape the tiring procedures at various airports. If you are on medications, be sure to carry extra medications just in case of unexpected delays. You should also keep a full list of emergency contacts just in case you need them. Last but not least, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

  • Enjoy the airport lounge experience without breaking the bank

Most senior travelers think that the only way to get the airport lounge experience is to pay first-class prices. But this is not always the case. The secret is that you can just pay for the airport lounge and enjoy the lounge experience without having first-class air ticket. At the lounge, you will get fresh coffer, free food, comfortable seating, drinks, magazines, newspapers, and clean bathrooms.

  • Call the concierge

As an older adult, you might need 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans found at to cover you while traveling. The secret most seniors don’t know is that there are several concierge services that can be very helpful in this regard. In case you want someone to accompany you as you go through the airport procedures, simply call the concierge. Concierge services typically include collecting your luggage on arrival, checking-in your luggage, and haling a taxi as you leave the airport.

  • Get a wheelchair

Generally, airports are places with a lot of procedures and someone of your age might not have the stamina to stand on long queues. There are always wheelchairs and they are free. Take yourself a wheelchair and roll your way through checkpoints and to the gate.