Beyonce and Ivy Spends Valentine’s Day Taking Selfies

Beyonce has a face full of bees in a new selfie she posted to Instagram on Saturday afternoon (February 14).

The 35-year-old singer was joined by her adorable daughter Blue Ivy for the photo.

“Happy Valentine’s Day 🐝🐝💋💋,” Beyonce captioned the cute snap.

Earlier that week, Beyonce happily flashed a smile alongside Gabrielle Union and her hubby Dwyane Wade at the Stance Spades Tournament as part of the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend at The Skylark in New York City.

If you haven’t wished your loved ones a happy valentine’s day (Día de San Valentin) then here are some images(Imagenes de San Valentín) send them to your loved ones and wish them Happy valentine.

My Top 5 Beyonce Songs

Disclaimer : This is my personal 5 beyonce playlist,this isn’t about top 5 beyonce songs but my top 5 favorite songs of beyonce.Infact,these are on my iPhone Playlist from longtime.

#1 – Halo

I lost my count how many times i’ve heard this song,One of the best song ever to date.

#2 – Crazy Love

this is my #2 on the playlist,I listen to this song often when i feel low about my relationship

#3 – Irreplaceable

Just like the song name,it is irreplaceable with beautiful of my favourite songs of all time.

#4 – Single Ladies

This was the first ever song i’ve heard of beyonce back in 2008 on YouTube,it’s still a popular song on YouTube.The first thing you will see when you type beyonce is single ladies on top.

#5 – If i Were a boy

This song makes a really valid point about the way that some men treat women. It’s message rings absolutely true, and does the feminist cause great justice

So,Here is my list of 5 songs.Please let me know what are you favourite beyonce songs through comments section.

10 Surprising Facts about Beyonce

Everyone Loves Beyonce and her great voice,There are millions of Beyonce fans around the world,But only people who are close to her know her in real life.In this article we have wrote top 10 Surprising Facts about Beyonce.

#1 – Beyonce’s original name is Beyoncé Giselle Carter-Knowles.

#2 – Beyonce is Originally from Texas,She was born in Houston in 1981

#3 – Beyonce is named after her mother’s Maiden name.

#4 – Beyonce won school singing competition with John’s “Imagine” as a child.

#5 – Beyonce Bagged five Grammy’s for her Debut Album “Dangerous in Love”

#6 – Beyonce’s Mother is a hairstylist and she does all the Hairstyle for Beyonce herself and has been is involved with her from years.

#7 – Beyonce Favourite Movie is “A Star Born”

#8 – Beyonce is married to Rapper Jay-Z

#9 – Beyoncé served as ambassador for the 2012 World Humanitarian Day.

#10 – Beyonce Endorsement list is multi-million dollar,She currently endorses Pepsi,L’oreal,American Express.